Who is Portia Tung?

Portia Tung is interested in helping people make the most of their potential. Her curiosity is driven in part by her desire to live a meaningful life. She’s always been an enthusiastic game changer, storyteller and playmaker.

As a Joint Honours graduate in English and French, strange things started to happen when she decided to do a Masters degree in Computer Science. By choosing a career in IT instead of journalism, she unexpectedly discovered her lifelong passion in the mystery and magic of the power of Nature and Nurture.

Portia has worked as a change agent in many different industries in Europe, ranging from the finance sector to airlines, shipping, telecommunications and even biscuit manufacturing. Her goal is to bring about positive transformation by understanding and changing systems from within.

Portia is the author of the first ever Choose-Your-Own Adventure style book about the Agile Methodology called “The Dream Team Nightmare“.

You can find out more about Portia on: LinkedIn | Twitter.


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